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School Bus

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School transportation is a critical service for students and families. Schools that join the Indy Student Transportation Collaborative can access affordable solutions to routing, driver recruitment, vehicle managements, family communication, and more.

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School Partner Benefits

Why Become a School Partner?

Schools that join the Indy Student Transportation Collaborative will receive high-quality services that prioritize the needs of students, families, and educators. Transportation challenges like increasing costs, sparse vendors in the Indy landscape, and heavy operational lift have all burdened schools in recent years. Enrollment loss and increased student mobility are two consequences of insufficient or inflexible transportation service. The Mind Trust is leading a strategy that will mitigate challenges for schools while expanding safe, reliable transportation options for families.

Benefits of joining the Indy Student Transportation Collaborative:

  • ​Safety is our #1 concern. Be assured that our vendors and partners are making student safety a top priority.

  • Increase student access to your school. Families often cite access to safe, reliable transportation as a driving factor in the school they choose for their children. 

  • Increase on-time arrivals and departures and improve attendance and stability for students

  • Shorter ride times for students through shared routes

  • Lower transportation costs

  • Increase efficiency and take operational work load off of your staff

  • Provide your families with tech tool to see real-time bus travel status.

Ready to join? Email Amber Audrain, Director of Strategy and Policy at The Mind Trust. Email Amber.

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