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School Bus
School Bus

Become a Vendor

The Mind Trust and our pilot partner, 4mativ, are looking for vendors that can support the varied mobility needs of Indianapolis schools and families. As a vendor, you will be a trusted partner to ensure students can ​get to school safely and on time.

Connect with us to learn more.

Vendor Information

The Mind Trust and our pilot partner, 4mativ, are looking for yellow school bus, qualified van, and other vendor/supplier partners to support the varied mobility needs of our schools and families. 4mativ will contract with and manage participating vendors, define service parameters, and assign routes.  


4mativ and The Mind Trust are currently working to finalize school and vendor commitments for SY2022-2023, which starts for some schools as early as the end of July.  Qualified vendors that might be able to even offer a single vehicle or route for service are encouraged to reach out by the end of May 2023.


We are looking for vendor and technology partners willing to take on meaningful parts of this innovative collaborative system for the first year and help us to grow the system into an exemplar of what’s possible in a region when schools of all types and organizations that support them collaborate to provide comprehensive and adaptive mobility solutions.  

Ready to join? Email Amber Audrain, Director of Strategy and Policy at The Mind Trust. Email Amber.

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